6/25–6/27 Northern Lights RV Park; Dawson Creek, British Columbia Canada

On Saturday 6/25 we drove a short distance to Dawson Creek, British Columbia crossing over to the Pacific Time. After coming out of the mountains and down about 5,000 feet amazing how much better the weather was. We all changed into our comfortable "florida" clothes and were very happy.

Went to do the tourist thing of going to Mile 0, the start of the Alaska Canadian Highway. For the next week we have mostly overnight stops until we get to North Pole, Alaska (basically Fairbanks).

After getting our pictures we walked through the "town". It was sad as so many stores and restaurants are closed. Don't know if it was COVID or the fact that a little bit away there are the Walmarts and other big box stores but said. Anita and I went into a little gift shop. The woman was so nice talking to us about crafts, Dawson Creek and the AlaskaCandian Highway (her father was on the build) that I felt compelled to buy something. Everything was really nice but needed something small to transport the rest of the trip.

We then went to Post & Row for later lunch/early dinner then DQ for dessert. Played some cards when we got back to the RV.

Sunday 6/26th was a scheduled maintenance and shopping day. Unfortunately as Mike was cleaning the outside of the RV, he saw a crack in the windshield. We had heard a rock hit but didn't know where. It wasn't even on a bad road. He has a windshield repair kit that hopefully will hold it until we get back to Winnebago in September.

It was another beautiful day.

Interesting facts about Dawson Creek

 Dawson Creek is a city in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. The municipality of 24.37 square kilometers (9.41 sq mi) had a population of 12,978 in 2016.Dawson Creek is located in the dry and windy prairie land of the Peace River Country.

As the seat of the Peace River Regional District and a service center for the rural areas south of the Peace River, the city has been called the "Capital of the Peace". It is also known as the "Mile 0 City", referring to its location at the southern end of the Alaska Highway.

The economy of Dawson Creek is based on four major industries: agriculture, retail, tourism, and oil and gas. Agriculture has historically been the most important industry to Dawson Creek, as the city is the regional transshipment point for agricultural commodities.

Dawson Creek has a large tourism industry as Mile "0" of the Alaska Highway. Thousands of people drive on the highway every year, starting in Dawson Creek and ending in Fairbanks, Alaska. The trek is often made with recreational vehicles, sometimes in convoys which gather in the city.

In the winter, the hospitality industry caters to workers from the oil patches. Discoveries south of Dawson Creek and higher energy prices have spurred oil and gas activities, which have in turn driven the nearby Fort St. John economy to spill over to the Dawson Creek economy. British Columbia's first wind farm, Bear Mountain Wind Park, was constructed southwest of the city in 2009.

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