6/29–7/1 Hi Country RV Park; Yukon Territory Canada

Wednesday 6/29th

Got to Whitehouse Yukon on about 2:30. Roads were MUCH better then yesterday. Still winding but not hilly. Nice campground but our site was very narrow, so we had to unhook the Jeep before pulling in. Mike was saying some choice words the entire time and worried about the slides hitting branches but we got in ok.

Unfortunately, when I was in the Jeep I saw a crack in the windshield, so that is check for the RV and check for the Jeep. Mike is using the "self Fixit" stuff to keep it from cracking all the way. We will not get the RV fixed until we are at Winnebago and the Jeep until we are back in the lower 48.

Went to downtown Whitehouse for dinner to a Ribs and Seafood place. They all had seafood and I had pasta (shocking I know). It's a nice little downtown. Whitehouse is the capital of the Yukon (more on that later).

As you can see as we get further north sunset is later and later. It's currently at 11:30pm with sunrise at 4:30. We had the blinds opened a little last night and based on the times I woke up I don't think it ever got dark, just twilight. When we get to Fairbanks it will be even more day light.

On Thursday 6/30, we all took the opportunity to rest in this morning after the last few days of travel. 

When we got up and about, we went to the Yukon Brewing Company for a tour. Mike and Jim have had their beer a few times and really enjoyed it. While there we met a very nice young man on our tour and sat with while drinking our flights afterwards. He basically said he works 6 months a year, makes 6 figures and takes 6 months off to travel. He's been to lots of interesting places, mostly around mountains which isn't a surprise based on where he is from. (The Yukon Territory).

Went to the MacBride Museum to learn about the history of the Yukon and the First Nation (Indigenous People).After that we  walked around a bit and then went to dinner. The guys picked an Italian place, again not my choice, but more than happy to go. None of the menus for the past few weeks have excited me, so I told them I would not pick a restaurant until I saw something that really struck my fancy. I am thinking there will be a lot of seafood in Alaska. So far, it's been beef and seafood.

When we got back to the RV's it appears the Talons may be having an issue with their hot water heater. We've been struggling with that for a while but have been good since we had it serviced in Calgary. Hopefully theirs is not too bad. Mike says their unit will be a lot easier to fix then ours.

Oh, and for those that I shared our itinerary to, ignore anywhere it says Northwest Territories as we have not been to or are going to on the way back. Mike did a great job planning the trip with no issues but he didn't always get the description on the spreadsheet right. 😜 But we love and thank him for all the work he did.

Interesting facts about Whitehorse, Yukon

Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon, and the largest city in Northern Canada. It was incorporated in 1950 and is located at kilometer 1426 (Historic Mile 918) on the Alaska Highway in southern Yukon. 

The city was named after the White Horse Rapids for their resemblance to the mane of a white horse, near Miles Canyon, before the river was dammed.

As of the 2021 Canadian census, the population was 28,201 within city boundaries and 31,913 in the census agglomeration. This represents approximately 70 and 79 percent respectively of the entire Yukon Territory's population.

Whitehorse's population is mostly European (75.5%), but has a significant number of Aboriginals (16.5%): First Nations (13.5%) and Metis (2.2%). There is also a moderate visible minority population (7.9%): Southeast Asian (3.4%), Asian Canadian (1.8%) and South Asian (1.6%) were the three largest minority groups.

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