7/1 Discovery Lodging & RV; Yukon Canada

Another long day of travel on 7/1 Canada Day. We had to stop about 1.5 hours in as the Talons got a big rock on their windshield. Sealed it up with the epoxy and it seems to be holding. It looks like both of us will be getting new windshields for both the RVs and the cars, but that will be done at the end of the trip. Though most of the road is paved there are gravel sections (that's the danger area for windshields) and what they are "ice heaves". It's basically potholes from the effect of ice and thawing. 

Got to the RV stop. Nothing fantastic but it will do for the night and the people are really nice. We had no internet or WIFI. shockingly we were able to get were able to satellite but the Jim and Anita could not.

Starting to see a bit of the smoke for all the forest fires currently near Fairbanks.


As we get ready to cross the border into Alaska tomorrow, Saturday 7/2, I thought I would summarize our trip to date.

We have been on the road for 6.5 weeks. We've been through lots of different types of weather, mid 90's in Nashville, lots of rain in North Dakota and Montana, cold and rainy in Banff and Jasper. And as we are entering Alaska the temperatures are in the 80s 😜. There was one tropical event at home while we have been traveling but no issues.

We've enjoyed prairies, mountains, lakes, and everything in between. We've seen bison, elk, bear, prairie dogs, marmots, rabbits, goats, sheep, ravens, horses and probably other things I am forgetting.

Both of our RVs and cars have had their run for the money but as of now, are still working. They are all extremely filthy. We can get the cars washed but the RVs are a bit harder. The guys wash the windshields and rinse off some of the RV at every stop.

Even though the Alaska highway is mostly paved it is not for the faint of heart. Maybe it's easier in a car but in a 45-foot RV towing a car it is an adventure. We basically traveled the entire span in 5 days. I give Mike and Jim a lot of credit, I was exhausted every night and I was just sitting quietly in my chair, reading, sleeping or playing games. The roads were winding, up and down, filled with ice heaves and potholes, gravel in several places but stunningly beautiful.

When doing the last part on 7/2 we got to Canada Customs and then had about 10 miles until we would get to US Customs. I guess the two countries can't figure out who should maintain the road because it was the worst yet, gravel and potholes almost the entire way. 

We just found out that part of the road we traveled on 3 days ago was washed away. It was between Watson Lake and the Hot Springs. The only thing we would have been able to do is turn back to Dawson Creek and take a different route. That would have cost us a couple of days and lots of reservations. With how filled all the RV parks are that would have been a challenge.

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