27 - Seward KOA, Seward Alaska

On Thursday 7/28, we left Homer at 6:00am to drive up to Anchorage. I originally planned on breaking off from them about halfway to go to Homer and Mike would continue to Seward. But he found a place in Anchorage that would look at the hot water system. It took a bit longer than expected and we got there around 11:30.

We dropped the RV off, put Abby in the car and off we went for lunch, fast food with Abby in the car as it was the nicest day in a while and too hot to keep her in the car while we went for a nice lunch. After that we ran some errands and went back to the service center. While we were waiting for the car to be serviced, we saw the Thunderbirds practicing for the air show the upcoming weekend.

About 4:00, Mike declared the hot water heater fixed, for now (we are still having issues). He and Abby got in the RV and headed to Seward. I took the car and checked into the hotel waiting for Kris to arrive at about 7:30. Thankfully no delays and she arrived on time. After picking her up we went to the Crows Nest for dinner which is at top of The Captain Hook hotel with a fantastic view. Had some wine and cobbled together some appetizers to celebrate Kris’s 8th trip to Alaska at her favorite place in Anchorage.

On Friday 7/29 Kris was still on East Coast time so we got up early and went for breakfast at Sami’s City She Diner before the 2.5-hour ride down to Seward. I drove while Kris was enjoying the sights on a beautiful day. We stopped once to take a selfie at one of Kris’s favorite stops along the way. Kris only yelled twice for wildlife. Once for a momma and baby mouse but unfortunately, I could not stop as the people in front saw the same thing and pulled over quickly so it would have been difficult for me to get into the same area. The next was when she saw a bear on the road, trying to cross the road. It appeared to be a small bear and thankfully for him and the car ahead of us he went back into the woods.

After we settled in, we went to Center in “downtown” Seward. Mike and Kris both loved touching the starfish in a tank. The water was about 40 degrees, so I let them have all the fun.

Dinner was at the Apollo Restaurant which was Greek and Italian. Mike got Italian, Jim got Greek and the ladies got pizza which wasn’t that bad. It was here that I learned of Kris’s favorite saying about Alaska “If you set your expectations low, you won’t be disappointed.”

Saturday 7/30 we went on a 7.5-hour boat ride through Kenai Fjords National Park. It was cold and rainy but still a great day. We saw 3 humpback whales, porpoises, otters, sea lions, harbor seals, eagles, puffins, and lots of other birds. We also went by 2 glaciers. Even with the weather the ride was basically ok until near the end when the swells got rather large, for me, and I started to feel a bit queasy. Sat looking at the horizon for a while and felt better, it’s a good thing I had taken Bonine and was drinking ginger-ale during the day. But the cruise was absolutely worth it.

Mike, Kris and I had spaghetti with garlic and oil for dinner. After which we drank too much which usually happens on the first night of Kris’s visit but with her adjusting to the time change it was put off a few days. But we had lots of fun listening to music, talking about people (don’t worry no one reading this was talked about badly) and just enjoying each other’s company. Shockingly no one had hangovers the next day, but Mike did forget about making Kris sit through a recorded episode of Greg Guttfeld. For those who don’t know Kris, nothing on Fox News is her cup of tea.

Sunday 7/31 Kris spent a lot of time looking for a hike that we could take Abby on. She did and said it was a 1.5 mile hike (roundtrip). So we all loaded up the cars with the dogs (Jim & Anita have 2) and went on the hike. Well ….. we haven’t quite figured out what Kris read but it was 5 miles roundtrip with lots of hills and rocks. The good news is that at the end of the one way we had beautiful views of Resurrection Bay and Abby had a wonderful time. All a bit sore later than night and the next day but well worth it.

For dinner we made some of our Salmon on the grill. Mike, Jim and Kris ate it and said it was fantastic.

Interesting Facts about Seward

Seward is located on Resurrection Bay, a fjord of the Gulf of Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. Seward is situated on Alaska's southern coast, approximately 120 miles by road from Alaska's largest city, Anchorage.

A fjord is defined as a narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs.

With a population of 2,717 people as of the 2020 census, Seward is the fourth-largest city in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, behind Kenai, Homer, and Soldotna.

The city is named for former U.S.A Secretary of State William H. Seward, who orchestrated the United States' purchase of Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867 while serving in this position as part of President Andrew Johnson's administration.

Seward is the southern terminus of the Alaska Railroad and the historic starting point of the original Iditarod Trail to Interior Alaska, with Mile 0 of the trail marked on the shoreline at the southern end of town.

Seward's local economy is largely driven by the commercial fishing industry and seasonal tourism. Many lodging facilities, restaurants and shops in the city cater mainly to tourists, and are only open for business during the summer tourist season, generally regarded as running from mid-May through mid-September.

Seward is among the most lucrative commercial fisheries ports in the United States. As of 2016, commercial fishing boats in Seward offloaded approximately 13,500 tons of fish and shellfish, valued at about $42 million. Over the course of the decade from 2007 to 2016, around $545 million in commercial seafood passed through Seward's harbor.

Notable person from Seward is Lydia Jacoby (born 2004), a 2020 Summer Olympics swimming gold medalist and first Alaskan to qualify to compete in swimming at an Olympic Games.

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