31 - Yukon Discovery Center, Yukon

This is going to cover a few days to make it the story easier to tell...

Tuesday 8/9 we got up early and left around 7:00 for the 2.5 hours drive to meet Jim & Anita in Tok where we originally were supposed to spend Monday night. Crossed the border without issue, just a bit of a delay as it was a busier crossing then when we crossed the first time. Decided to stay at the Yukon Discovery Lodge which is where we stayed on the trip up to Alaska. It was a little closer than were we intended but by that point we had driven almost 7 hours.

So back to Kris, on Sunday she wasn’t feeling so I made her Chicken Soup to rest up for her long day of travel on Monday. Tuesday when I woke up, I felt horrible. Aches, pains, headache and congestion. You guessed it COVID …

I woke up Wednesday still feeling like crap, took the COVID test and was positive. Stayed in the RV the entire day and when Mike went out, he always had a mask on. At this point he had a sore throat but that was it. I texted Kris to let her know and she immediately did a test and not surprisingly, she was positive. 

Later Mike took his temperature, and it also was elevated so decided to take a test. The first one he did was negative, but that was the one provided by Uncle Joe and actually expired on 7/23. So, he took another, the last one I had that we had purchased at CVS. That also came negative. Didn’t make sense since he had symptoms, not as bad as me at that point but still symptoms.

We stayed at Johnson’s Crossing Campground which was a fine one-night stay. Thursday 8/11 it was clear Mike had COVID regardless of what the tests said. At this point we are in Canada so did not want to go to pharmacy to get additional tests because with how strict they’ve been with COVID, we didn’t want them to whisk us away to isolation.

We were being really good, following the updated CDC guidelines and self-isolating except for walking the dog and when Mike checks into a campground, always wearing a mask. I doubt getting COVID is fun at any point but when you have 5 days of driving ahead of you the timing couldn’t have been worse for Mike.

I feel bad cause Thursday was Anita’s birthday. I gave her a card and said happy birthday from a far but that’s it. We will celebrate when we get to the casino in Washington (that’s what she wanted anyway). We stayed at Baby Nugget RV resort which is just outside of Watson Lake where we stayed on our way to Alaska.

Friday 8/12 we both woke up with official temperatures (100.5 and 100.6) though Mike’s went down as soon as he took the Advil. Mine stayed above 100 for most of the day and finally went all the way to 99.2, lowest since Tuesday. I cannot complain about being tired as Mike drove over 5 hours and as soon as we got set up at the campground he went to lay down. We were supposed to stay a roadside pull off today with no hook-ups, but someone told us about a campground, Red Goat Lodge, a little further down the road. Not much different than the roadside pull-out as we have no hook-ups and no Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, that night Mike's temperature spiked to 102.6 which was scary because of where we were .... THE MIDDLE OF FRICKING NOWHERE!!!!! He was still feeling bad on Saturday morning, so we stayed where we were for another day. Which was easier said than done since the campground was awful, no cell service and limited Wi-Fi. Jim & Anita were great in getting us extended at the campground and figuring out what to do when we left on Sunday. The one thing that was nice about the campground was the view.

I went out to the "log" that I could get Wi-Fi to send texts to people who knew we have covid and might be worried if they didn't hear from us for a few days.

Both of us felt much better on Sunday and no temperatures. We drove about 6 hours to a nice campground (anywhere was nice compared to the previously place) and we had Wi-Fi 😁 so we felt better about being in contact with the outside world. We are still a bit remote but nothing like where we were. 

I am writing this on Monday 8/15 after we got to Fort Telkwa Riverfront Campground. We were only supposed to be here 1 night but will stay 2 and be back on track on Wednesday. We get into Washington on Friday, and no disrespect to Canada but I am going to be very happy to be back in the US.

Shockingly Jim & Anita have stayed ok. They were a little stuffy but not much more, they had previously had COVID last September so maybe that is helping them. Though we both had 2 shots and 2 boosters this is the first time we’ve had it.

I have the pages set up for the days I am bunding together so I am going to try to put togethering some fun and interesting facts.

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