36, Fort Telkwa Riverfront Campground, Telkwa Britich Columbia

Based on our change in schedule we spent two nights, Monday 8/15 and Tuesday 8/16 at Fort Telkwa Riverfront Campground. It was a very nice spot as we finished our recovery.

When we were at the Red Goat Lodge, we saw that the back driver's side window on Jim's car was broken. At the time we were thinking maybe someone at the campground threw something at it. But as Mike was cleaning up our car, we noticed that the passenger side front window on our car was cracked. We now think it was the roads and either something hit it, like the windshields, our a "stress" fracture from all the bumps.

We knew there would be wear and tear on the RVs and Cars because of the roads in Canada and Alaska but it's been even more than we expected.

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