42 - Pasco/Tri-Cities KOA, Richland WA

Arrived in the Richland Washington area on Tuesday 8/23. I continue to be amazed at the sights in Washington. The KOA campground was very nice. Even though it was hot there was a nice breeze that actually made sitting outside comfortable.

Went to Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar for dinner. Give it was a Martini Bar it was easy to know what I was getting (Lemon Drop Martini) but Mike surprised me by ordering a Caribbean Martini. Unfortunately, Mike's steak was overdone, and we had to send it back. 

On Wednesday 8/24 we went to the Manhatton Project National Historical Park, Hanford unit in Richland Washington (there are 2 other sites Oakridge TN and Las Alamos, New Mexico). We toured the Manhattan B Reactor, which is where they made the Plutonium for the atomic bomb dropped on Nagaski.

Very interesting tour. I understood a little and learned a lot. Mike understood a little a lot and learned a little. It does amaze me what they were able to do with limited technology back in the 1940s.

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