5/23-5/30 Davis, Illinois

Left Nashville at 7:00am for the long ride to Mike’s cousin Mark. We arrived about 5:30 which was right on schedule which is always a good thing.

Tuesday 5/24 - was a relaxing day, I did some painting in the RV (it’s parked in the driveway while we stay in his house).

Wednesday 5/25 I went through a bunch of mason jars that Mark’s late wife Jean had and we brought some to Goodwill. I also put some aside to take when we are back here in September to take home and try some crafts with them.

Thursday 5/26 went to see Top Gun, it was actually better than I expected. 👍 all around.

Friday 5/27, Mike had to replace the battery in the Jeep. All seems to be working well. Glad this happened here and not in the middle of no where Canada or Alaska.

Had some great steaks on the grill as we finally had a little sun for the first time since we got here.

Played a really fun game of Risk. I started out being no threat and then got both North America and Europe. The guys had enough of that a ganged up on me, not attacking each other, and I eventually lost. But I did give them a run for their money with my dice rolling. Mike thought I should get on a plane and go to Vegas as I was so luck at times. 😜

Saturday 5/28 we went shooting at the range and had fabulous ribs for dinner.

Our last day on Sunday, 5/30 Mike and I got the RV ready to leave Monday morning while Mark mowed the lawn. When he was done we played a second game of Risk. While I still lost I was much better and started by taking 3 continents but was very good at defending them. Actually technically I didn’t lose since the game was stopped because Abby knocked into the table and moved all the pieces around. Was never going to get them back correctly so called it a game and ate dinner.

We had a great visit and were sad to leave. Can’t wait to be back at the end of the trip in September.

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