6/3 – 6/6 Medora Campgrounds; Medora, North Dakota

Had a short trip from Bismarck to Medora which is in the Mountain Time Zone. We met our friends Jim and Anita here but unfortunately they had an issue bringing one of their slides in  this morning. Thankfully they were able to get it fixed and got here around 7:00.  

As we were driving here thegeography changed dramatically and was beautiful. I menitoned that North Dakota is the prettiest state I've been to and Mike says I said the same thing last year when we went to South Dakota. I think ND wins, judge for yourself with the pictures.

Saturday 6/4th we went to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Mike and I are very interested in the National Parks but somehow missed this existed. It makes total sense as Teddy Roosevelt is the one that started the National Park system.

We drove the park loop and saw Bison, Antelope and lots of Prairie Dogs. Stopped at some lookouts and for a couple of short hikes to see the scenery. 

Went to Little Missouri Saloon for a late lunch/early dinner. Not worth the price but good nonetheless. Not a lot to choose from in the town.

Sunday 6/5 was a pretty rainy day. We did have a great down home breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe and then went to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame (I don't think there is one of these in any of the states of anyone reading this blog).

After that we went to the Painted Canyon section of the National Park. We didn't go on the trail as it was too muddy but did take some pictures.

Dinner at Boots Grille & Saloon and ice cream after. Medora is a very small so I think we went to about 75% of the eating places there with the 4 we went to (3 restaurants, one ice cream place).

Our Aqua hot (basically hot water heater) seems to not be working well. It works on electric but not diesel which means cold shower (or lukewarm at best). Will probably use campground showers until we get to Calagry which appears to be when we will be able to get it serviced.

On to Great Falls Montana Monday morning 6/6.

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